NCR Counterpoint SQL Point of Sale Software is the most complete Retail Store POS Software available.  With features like High speed Credit/Dept card, built in Gift cards and Loyalty cards, you need to see for yourself how the leading POS software can streamline and improve your retail business.

NCR CounterPoint SQL
Your Retail Pro POS Replacement and Alternative! 

NCR Counterpoint SQL, is the feature packed Point of Sale software solution for all retail stores. We offer a wide range of point of sale solutions for retail stores including software, hardware, installation, service and training. Together we help your business track store and warehouse inventory, customers and payments. We can provide the complete Radiant Counterpoint POS software and hardware solution to any retail store ranging from one cash drawer to multiple locations across the U.S. and Canada.

NCR CounterPoint SQL POS software and hardware allows you to configure and control nearly every aspect of your retail store's system. Change the layout of your Ticket Entry screens or the criteria of your filters. Set up your own pricing schemes with rules-based pricing. Manage your inventory your way, with alternate units and unlimited categories. Define profiles for your items, customers, and vendors. Track the information that's important to you and your retail business.

CounterPoint SQL is designed to expand as your retail business grows and allows you to add the features you need, when you need them. Options like Advanced Pricing, Receivables, A/R Charge Customers, Serialized Inventory Ttracking, and Serial Numbers add support for additional pricing levels. CP Online provides Integrated Ecommerce, allowing you to expand to the Web and integrate your online sales with your CounterPoint SQL database. Multi-Site allows you to operate multiple stores and manage information at all your locations, including warehouses. No matter how large or fast your business grows, CounterPoint SQL delivers consistent performance across your entire organization.