Online Sales Ecommerce Integration

Magento & NCR CounterPoint SQL

Your customers can Order Online & Pickup in store.

Seamless Integration between your NCR CounterPoint SQL
and Your Magento Ecommerce Website 

Technology is ever growing, and today, for a business, both a physical and online presence needs to be strong to reach the greatest number of clients. With Ecommerce Integration we merge your store inventory with a unique ecommerce website to sell your product both online and in store. With a wide variety of options for online sales and pick up instore. We offer you and your customers an enjoyable experience both inside your store and online. Want to keep it simplistic? Our ecommerce integration can be used as a site catalog instead of a full-blown shopping store so your customers and view your in-store inventory and go in and get exactly what they want and need. Our ecommerce integration can also be a great way to reach out to customers about sales or promotions going on in store or online.

With an easy and customizable website which will be designed by a team of artistic designers and well-trained developers, you will get a hands-on demo about all the features we have to offer and in-depth training on how to manage and control certain aspects of your new website to let you be hands on and fully control your website.

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NCR CounterPoint/Magento
Ecommerce Integration.